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BAMBOO GRASS SUNGLASSES / Hemp & bamboo apparel



That's right, Kynd sunglasses are made from grass.  Grass!  Freakin' awesome.    

DESIGNED IN CALIFORNIA / made from sustainable bamboo


Welcome to the world of Kynd, where we actually care about the entire lifecycle of our products and take pride in every aspect of their custom designs.

Kynd bamboo sunglasses are born from the ground up - radical ideas turn into unique designs; sustainable materials form into sustainable products; everything that can be reused or recycled is.  Our mission, our commitment, is to bring you the most innovative & stylish frames on the market, period.

Did I mention bamboo is a type of GRASS?!  As in, these sunglasses are made from grass, a fully sustainable wild plant.  Yeah, think about that - that has to be good.  

"Wow!  These are the coolest! And they're so light." ~ Everyone Ever




Ultra-light Bamboo
weigh less than 28 grams
Float in Water



Polarized UV400 Rated
Scratch & Shatter Resistant


Accessories Included

Bamboo "Stash" Case
Microfiber Cloth & Bag
Good Karma

Sustainable Apparel & Accessories

Clothes soft as clouds, and other fun things.

Apparel made in north america


Want to know what it feels like to be draped in the most comfortable, softest material around?  We thought so.  That's why we offer only the finest sustainable apparel available, made from a 70/30 blend of bamboo & organic cotton right here in North America.  This fabric is naturally breathable, anti-microbial (keeps you smelling fresh!), moisture-wicking, and UV-resistant; and it feels like a ridiculously smooth combination of cashmere, silk, and organic cotton.

What are those USB re-chargeable lighters you ask?  Handfuls of radness is what they are.  No longer do you have to throw away a plastic lighter every time the juice runs out.  No more will you taste the butane when smoking your peace pipe.  Never again will the wind blow out your fire!  The Kynd reusable lighter is here.


Bamboo Yoga Pants

Traditional Style Yoga Pants
Naturally Breathable & Antimicrobial


Bamboo Tees & Tanks

Incredibly Comfortable


USB Re-chargeable Lighters

Butane Free
100+ Lights per Charge
Reusable (no more throwing away plastic lighters!)

About Kynd

Sustainable Counterculture 

Founded in 2012 BY SOME RAD PEOPLE


Kynd Clothing was founded in 2012 with the idea that we, humankind, can and should live a sustainable lifestyle.  That we should be respectful of our planet and offer help to those in need.  We want to do everything in our power to do good in this world, and be a company that offers hope and style amidst industry giants that often choose profits over people and our environment.


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